Monday, December 12, 2011

Batcave, the adult version (Week 2 Training Recap)

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! This week my bestie from college is coming into town. Oh man.. How awesome is this going to be? We've bonded in Berlin, we've cheered in South Beach, we've froze in Hungary, we've tanned in Palm Beach, we've walked the beach in New England in February.... and now, we are getting our tacky on in the Wis Dells. Ok, well, not entirely, but it was a nice study in contrasts, yes?

See, back in the day, we thought we were cool in red eyeshadow from Chanel (or was it Lancome?  I can't remember... it was 1998). Now we know better, or do we? This week we find out.

I'm front loading my training this week, in order to have some free time for the fun stuff later this week. I've got an idea for some shenanigans but also playing it free and easy... you know, we are older now. This isn't the batcave anymore... well, it sort of is.. without the overflowing ash trays. Will there be prosecco? You can bet your Prada on it.

Training this week was good. My long run was the coldest day of the week, and it was a challenge. I'm getting where I am really enjoying my cold weather running, and the fact is, that Wisconsin weather is being kind to me since it hasn't snowed yet. I'm just going to keep going outside as long as I feel safe.

My Garmin stats:

Activities: 4
Distance: 23.04 miles
Time: 04:01:05
Average speed: 5.7 mph
Calories: 2,929

Oh, and the weight. Do we need to talk about it? Up a .5 lbs from last week. The diet continues to be my achilles heel. And let me tell ya, it is not going to be any better this week!

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