Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Lewis family blurred through Maryland this weekend. I say blurred because it was a whirlwind tour, 16 hour drive out on Thursday, thirty some odd family members mingling on Saturday, lots of ham and cheese sandwiches, nap times with black out shades (got to love a hotel), 1 speeding ticket, a shattered oil lamp vase AND Christmas tree ornament at Cracker Barrel, 1 panic attack (Minivan DVD system ceased to function), and ummmm, hours of missed sleep = blur. It is all a bit blurry still.

But for all the blur, one thing is clear. There is something lovely and fundamental about returning to where you spent the happy carefree days of your childhood. Of course, there is the prerequisite shock over the change. The geography changes, the faces change, the cars change, sometimes even the decor changes, but the feeling is the same. That at home feeling. There is something that happens to my hubby when he travels to the "end of the road." I can see the desire in him for the most simple of things, family, love and fellowship. That is what blurred together this weekend. It is the thread of blurry continuity in his childhood that provides the foundation of the childhood we strive to give our girls today. It is a lovely thing to see why the man you married is the man you love. That is a happy blurry feeling. Thank God for the blur.

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