Friday, September 2, 2011


It has been an interesting week. I've been ruminating in the variety of things I could be doing with myself now that my singular focus (the scale) is no longer my singular focus.

This is what I've come up with so far:

I want to do something that:

1. Challenges me physically and keeps me engaged
2. Forces me to address my long standing body and self image issues
3. Is social
4. Will energize me on a more spiritual and emotional level.

I've been putting feelers out there about horse back riding. I am not sure if riding is the sole activity that will encompass all of the things that I want to accomplish, but it is something I love, fear, respect and wish I could do better. So from that perspective, it has got my attention at the moment.

In the course of putting feelers out there about the riding possibilities in southern Madison, I came across (kismet?) a life coach. Huh. This was an interesting development for me. Life coaching. Would I -- stubborn Mara -- who insists on promoting change from within (dare I say a "self changer") be open to life coaching?

In an effort to be more than the usual Mara, I reached out to the life coach.

The conversation was honest and real and satisfying. It was certainly nice to have someone who doesn't know me -- listen --- and be a sounding board for all the ideas and concerns I have about the next step. The what-to-do-now that is staring me in the face. I suspect if money and time weren't an issue that I would continue having these conversations. I felt invigorated, energized, and ready to tackle something when I got off the phone. Life coaching.... to be continued.

As for the week, I think it has been highly productive. I've signed on to P90X. So far so good. I feel like my whole body has gone thru some sort of tightening up process and am encouraged by the fact that I can actually do most of the exercises. I'm also looking at these routines as a means to an end -- if I do end up riding -- I will be in the best shape I can be in to do it.

Since I started the P90X, I've missed running. Yes, I said it folks -- missed running. Sunday is supposed to be a rest day, but if the weather is nice, I'm going for a jog. I did get a couple of miles logged last weekend and I ran as a warm up on Wednesday but 2.75 miles just doesn't cut it anymore. (Did I just say that out loud?!) Who AM I?

Thus, the searching...

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Anonymous said...

Mara, you don't need me to point this out to you, but for those of us that have been following your journey this past year, YOU ARE the life coach -- the blog is a mirror my friend. Ironic right, that you'd ask yourself if you'd be open to "life coaching" even though it's something you've been doing for others all year. . . Jenn