Monday, September 12, 2011

Running + 1

On Friday my closest friend from high school stopped at our place on his way thru town. He does this every 2 years or so. I can't complain. If it weren't for the effort that he has made to come and see us over the years, we might not have spoken since 2003. This is a guy who has known me in every happy, sad or awkward phase of my life. I think I shocked the crap out of him when I opened the door. The last time he saw me, I looked like this:

Seeing his reaction to seeing me helped me see what I had accomplished. I had planned an aggressive day of activities on Friday and it rocked! After my riding lesson, we headed up to the Wis Dells and took on the Bigfoot Zip Line. The largest zip line in the country. It was fantastic! The boys were doing tricks, upside down, trust fall starts, helicopter spins. What a rush. Even I got into it! If you are in the Dells, I HIGHLY recommend it. Worth every penny.

We scooted back to Madison, cleaned ourselves up, grabbed a taxi and made our way down to State Street for dinner before the 8pm comedy show. Kyle Kinane had us in stitches and laughing for 2 hours straight was the best way to end the day.

Us, two years later:

But for me the biggest deal of the visit was a run with my old friend on Sat morning. See, he ran cross country in college when I was smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, eating pizza and packing on the pounds. I always teased him for his running - self torture - or some such nonsense. It was only fitting the the first run that I should do WITH someone would be WITH him. So we set out.... I was self conscious for the first mile, acutely aware that I had music and all he had was me breathing heavy next to him. By mile 2 we settled in and then it was fun. A silent communion. Somehow, even without the running, our friendship had always been like this. Running with BWB somehow allowed for me to think of myself as a runner. Thanks, B.

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