Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burn baby Burn!

Just so you all didn't think I was slacking just cause I wasn't writing!!

My workout stats from last week:

Count: 5 Activities
Distance: 8.15 mi
Calories: 2,411 C

This was 2 runs (1 less than 3m, 1 5 miler). I ran the 5 miles in less than 50 mins which is a PR for me!

The rest of the activities logged are P90X. I wore my Garmin for all but 1 of them (skipped the HRM for Yoga X). Calories burned is fairly accurate.

My diet took a hit over the weekend with friends and family visiting, but all and all I am pretty psyched about my fitness right now.

I also took the next step as for riding and ordered some gear. I am still anxious that this is the right step for me, but excited as well. Thankfully, if I change my mind, all items can be happily returned to Dover Saddlery.

Next up: More Zip Lining on Friday with my oldest friend who is coming to visit this weekend! YAY!

Happy Trails!


Sis said...

Hey - did ya ever get the link to Todd's blog? Here's the one I think you'd find humorous:http://theeyelife.wordpress.com/2011/08/07/running-for-my-life/

The rest are a mix of 'Todd' on college football (PSU), politics (kinda similar to yours), running, and family. I think you'd have fun with some of them!!!

Anke said...

Congrats on the ruminating, it's great fun when you add the ingredients for the perfect outcome that comes without a recipe...seems like that's how you've been doing things based on the "stubborn Mara" comment:)

Have fun with the zip lining, my hubby and I did it in Costa Rica, well over 100 meters over the jungle canopy...what a rush!