Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boiling it down

I refuse to accept that the best days of my life are over.

That's it. That is the WHY. The big WHY. The big bam of emotion that forced me off the couch and into the world last year.

I refuse.

I am not going to take it.


Memories are beautiful things. Wow, I love how a smell or a taste can take you back to a place that -- although maybe a bit fuzzy around the edges -- can be as clear as yesterday. There are certain things that take me back. Rolling down hills. Umbrellas. Salami. All Terrain Vehicles. Yes, these odd items each have some sentimental place in my heart.

Music does the same. God, there are some bands... some songs ...I can't listen to at all anymore just cause I overplayed them in my maudlin youth.

But no. I am not going to live there. It is a nice, glorious, idealized place to visit, but what they say is true, youth is wasted on the young. So instead of letting the world, my life, just go on without me while I lived in my happy little memories, I said: Screw it. Time to make this moment the one that I want to be in.

That is the WHY.


Erik said...

You Rock!!!!

Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

Wow! Very well said. That made me want to getup and do something. Anything. As long as I am making my future. Run on lady!