Monday, August 29, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

The Monday After. I think I am having weigh in withdrawl. Ok, not private weigh in withdrawl cause Lord knows I am still getting on the scale --- but that public, Hi-Blog-World, this is what I did this week weigh in.

I'll get over it. Promise.

This past week was glorious. I was semi-good on the diet until about Wednesday and then full vacation mode kicked in. I tried to run on vacation but wow, there were hills every direction from our vacation condo which really depressed me and convinced me that vacation isn't for running.

Not that I sat around. I went zip lining for the first time ever! We did a night time zip, so, we didn't even get on the lines until 9:45pm. I was flinging my new body into the dark unknown. I wouldn't say that zip lining was a great HUGE deal. I was nervous and I was a bit freaked out by the height, but more than anything I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

So I did. As a side note: Last year I was unable to do the zip lining, even if I wanted, cause I weighed more than the limit.

We went swimming, and water sliding, and chased our toddlers thru the pool day after day. Erik & I took Xanthe horse back riding. A love of my youth.

I want to ride more. I haven't determined if that means dressage lessons, or western pleasure, or what. But I want to do it.

There is so much I want to do. Right now I can't seem to narrow it down. So, I am sort of just letting all the possibilities wash over me and some day soon I will prioritize them.

But the number one goal: Maintain. I can't celebrate my goal forever. I've gotten back to reality upon my return from vacation. I ran 6 miles over the weekend, and Erik started P90X this morning. I'm hoping Tony Horton can keep me on the straight and narrow. I've tenatively set a goal to lose another 15 lbs off the last goal but as for now, I haven't given myself a time limit to do it. I just want to keep steady, slow, and watch the results happen. The tortoise wins the race.

"O, what men dare do! what men may do! what men daily do, not knowing what they do!" A wee bit of Shakespeare for the day.

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