Monday, July 11, 2011


The word "sabatoge" has been floating in and out of my lexicon this week. It started with the divine hamburger I shoved down my throat on the 4th of July (frankly, I really don't think my body has YET to forgive me for that one). My sugar induced carb cravings continued thru the week, wherein I devoured the remaining loaf of sour dough bread from Target and the extra bites of caramel cheesecake that passed my lips last night.

Life happens.

Sabatoge is a deliberate subversion. Am I deliberately preventing myself of getting down to my goal weight? Honestly? No. I don't think it is deliberate. There is a bit of malaise setting in. The feeling that - I've done so much - at this point I just deserve my goal weight.

But you have to DO MORE than deserve it. You have to earn it. That is my mantra for this week. Earn it. Must keep chuggin up those stairs ala reference to random post pic above...

Weight loss this week: NADA - actually gained 2 lbs
Total loss to date: 91.5
Weight till goal weight: 8.5 lbs

and in keeping with my recounting my mileage for the week:

Distance: 15.17 mi
Time: 04:08:15 h:m:s (the time is all wrong due to me keeping my Garmin on during a scuplting routine post run)
Avg HR: 136 bpm
Calories: 2,270 C

I may have put on some weight but at least I keep pushing my runs further. Now, if it would just stop storming so I could get out there now!

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