Friday, July 22, 2011

Run like a Gisele

As I loped thru my 4 miler (thank Jesus for small favors in the form of thunderstorms), I had a moment of pause. What must I look like running down the road? Of course, we are all self conscious about all sorts of things, but honestly, my left over jiggly bits are really on display as I pound the pavement.

Then I had an out of body experience and take a real good look at my outfit. Oh man, this is classic. Shocking purple 3 inch run skort with neon yellow stripes down the sides, my moisture wicking Brooks running shirt, also in a somewhat (I am going with yes, it is) complementary bizarre shade of purple. My bright pink IPOD and Sports buds, gray and pink Forerunner, Gray Nike Visor and gray and pink hand held bottle. I was a blur of pink/purple/gray. Jiggling bits, legs, arms, all on display. I have no shame.

And as I forced my legs out further, stride after stride, I thought, "Mara, just run like a Gazelle." I've got long legs it is time I put them to good use.

Giggle. Snort. Gaffaw!

Forget gazelles. I want to run like a Gisele! So I started to forget about my Barney-like get up and pictured Bundchen running, heck ya... that is a much better self image. I can do this. I don't know about you, but this is what I look like after my workout:

Oh, and did I mention that I am married to Tom Brady? See the resemblance?

Who inspires you to keep going? Do you think positive or negatives about your running form? How do you keep going mile after mile? Newbies here want to know!

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