Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tuvalu... what the--- Who?

My mother continues her quiche tour of Madison this week at the Tuvalu Coffeehouse & Gallery in Verona, WI. We decided to check out this little main street establishment after hanging out there with the girls after a long bike ride several weekends back. I say hang out, cause we didn't actually eat there. We mingled on the deck waiting for out pizza from Falbos to come out of the oven. After loitering on their steps for several minutes we decided it was only fair of us to come back and actually buy something at some point. Yesterday seemed as good a day as any.

Tuvalu is a coffeehouse more than a breakfast joint. My opinion of the place was overall good, but this isn't a place where the menu options are going to wow you. You pretty much get what is available in the front display warmed up.

Lunch sandwich options appear more plentiful and it may be worth a stop some time around noon to give those options a try. Tuvalu's focus is the coffee and tea, which I will say, neither my Mom or I had mind to try.

Mom ordered a cheddar and broccoli quiche.

I ordered a spinach filled croissant.

Both of these items taunted us because fresh they would have both been very good. My mother was pleased with the cheesy goodness of the quiche and the crust, when fresh, appears to have been light and flaky. Reheated it was even good, but probably a couple of days old. My spinach pastry had that chewy reheated texture and of all of our tastes it was probably the least memorable. The yogurt parfait was yummy. It had Door County cherries, granola and would have been a complete breakfast in and of itself.

But, the icing on top of the cake was....

I was skeptical even ordering this roll because reheated it could have been a hard chewy rock, but it was delightfully light. And I am not just saying that cause I am on a diet (although that may clouded my perception a smidgen).

Overall the ambiance was a cross between your Mom's old living room and college dorm room. A strange mix of decor and a nod to the children rearing attendants with some activities as seen here:

The down low? I am sort of perplexed by this little place. I think I liked it but there was some essential quality lacking that would have made this a great place (ie. they should serve some eggs in some manifestation or another). I might try it again for lunch. I am not sure I would set my toddlers loose in the place, despite the attempt to be kid-friendly. There are just too many odds and ends for little hands to access. If you are looking for Stop Attacks on Wisconsin Worker signs for your own living room, you can pick one up next to the cream and sugar.

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robbi:) said...

I actually really love Tuvalu... I like their sweet toffee coffee... I really love your description of the place... lol its true.. a mix of your moms living room and a dorm room!