Monday, July 25, 2011

A Bucket

Dear Miss P:

You're Two! It brings tears to my eyes (ask Daddy, I honestly teared up Saturday morning while drinking coffee and watching Sprout) to think that my baby is so big. You are such a determined little lady. Never bashful and full of opinions ("Yep! No! Mine?") you are our little Leo lion. I love that you are perfectly satisfied to be Mommy's baby (you frequently tell me that you are a baby and wear diapers vs. my insistence that big girls wear panties) and I will savor these remaining days that you are my baby because I know they are fleeting.

Mommy wishes that she has done a better job documenting some of the perfect toddlerisms that have come from you as of late. For fear of losing them for from my memory completely lets jot a couple of them down here:

When I asked you what you wanted for your birthday last week you told me that you wanted:

"A phuket." Huh? You repeated: "A pfffucket."

"A Bucket?"


a bit later you added a shovel to the birthday request. We had a awesome pool party for you on Saturday and lots of our new Madison friends came to celebrate with you. For the first hour, you flirted with the pool, not sure it was for you. Finally you decided to go for it and after several rounds of "One! Two! Blast Off!" with Daddy you were happy as a clam.

In preparation for your birthday this weekend, we taught you to answer the question: "How old are you?" When I told you - "I'm two!" you looked at me and mumbled: "I'm a shoe."

You love your food and you particularly love treats. You give us this little lowered eyelashes smile when you ask. It is a killer that smile and will serve you well in life.

You make friends with everyone you meet and you often look at us and ask "Friend?" as if to request permission to be sweet to persons you have yet to meet. As you continue to grow I don't think you will ever be wanting for friends. They will be drawn to your jolly laugh, your joy of play and your fierce devotion.

We love you -

Mommy, Daddy & X

This week's weigh in:

Weight loss to week: 1 lb (edited after I read down the blog! YAY!)
Total loss to date: 93.5 lbs
Weight to go: 6.5 lbs

I was down 2 lbs on the week until we had left over ELMO cake in our kitchen all weekend. Buttercream is the enemy people!

The running stats are totally off. I wore my Garmin for two Tony Horton workouts this week, so the only accurate stat is the calories burned.

Distance: 22.28 mi
Time: 04:53:37 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 939 ft
Avg Speed: 4.6 mph
Avg HR: 145 bpm
Calories: 3,076 C

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