Monday, June 20, 2011

Panic or otherwise titled: An Ode to The Smiths

In the vein of The Smiths, "Some Girls are Bigger than Others.." (a notoriously frivolous lyric) I make the following statement: some weeks are better than others. Or perhaps I should be even more specific, some weekENDS are better than others.

This weekend was really good for my mental and emotional state. It wasn't great for my diet. Oops.

(In keeping with the Smiths theme, perhaps "Bigmouth Strikes Again" is a better title, food for thought....)

If we are looking for someone to blame, I blame the tasty tidbits and adult beverages. Darn tasty tidbits! Why must you be so tasty? And adult beverages, why do you have to be sooooo.... soooo relaxing AND highly caloric?

I officially tasted and drank myself back into the two pounds that I was down on Thursday. "Stop me if you think you've heard this one before." (Hmm. How many Smith's songs can I put in one blog post?)

Weight loss this week: .5lbs
Total loss to date: 90 lbs ("Half a person"?)
Weight til next goal: 10 lbs

And to top off my decadent weekend, I didn't exercise either day! I laugh in the face of my spandex. "Sheila take a bow."

This morning, I paid the price. But, I strapped on my sneaks and headed out. Ran 4.8 miles and did the P90 sculpt workout. Burned 671 calories. It is time to reinstate the self discipline. I've got a big 10 lbs to lose in the next two months. "Panic" in the streets of Madison!

And a little whining never hurt my cause: "Please, please, please, let me get what I want".... this time. "How soon is now?"

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