Monday, June 6, 2011


Summer is finally here! I took a spontaneous vacation from work last week and it did wonders for my mental state. I had just been in the grumpiest mood, so some time wandering the mall, talking to my Mom, and sitting at the garage sale did wonders for my perspective. Not that my work life is bad or stressful. Rather, I think I just needed a change of pace for a couple of days.

This weekend was gorgeous. We had the girls in the front yard in the sprinkler on both days. We drove out to Black Earth and visited the Veterans Memorial Park on the main street. The park has a nice little play area for the kiddos and it was a chill place to visit. Lunch at the Luckenbooth Cafe was less successful. The kid alternatively were fussy and crying and by early afternoon we were all ready to head home for a nap.

Sunday we visited Olbrich Gardens. It is a sweet place for my little princesses to explore. There is a decorative tower-like structure on site that X affectionately refers to as her 'castle'. It also is a great place to snap a picture. Funny how all of a sudden I don't mind being in them...

A little more focus on my diet this week and keeping up with the double duty excercise. Had a good run yesterday morning. Having hubby on the plan is certainly helping keep me focused. Thanks babe.

Weight loss this week: 3.5 lbs (Lowest on scale since jr. year high school)
Total loss to date: 88.5 lbs
Weight to lose till 100 lbs goal: 11.5 lbs

I am anticipating this summer more than any other. The pool opens next Friday. We've got plans to get out with the bike. I can't wait to DO DO DO! I might even try golfing. You know, stranger things have happened. June is full of promise.

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Anonymous said...

You look fabulous Mara!!! Truly an inspiration. I find retail therapy to be extremely therapeutic. Esp. when sizes are going down instead of up. Good for you!!!
I am starting weightwatchers - again. I seem to hover between a 12and 14 but this summer plan to get back down to a 10. Keep the blogs a-coming!!!