Thursday, June 9, 2011

Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall

I suppose some things should remain private, but whatever, I am a share-er. An over-share-er. A share-too-much-er.

So, there is Mara, reveling in her morning run. The heat has finally broken here in Central Wisconsin (after some crrrraaazy storms last night) and 60 degrees has never felt so good. Running on down the road. My legs are feeling springy and good and I have silently vowed myself that I won't stop going until I pass the 4 mile mark.

I have created a new running play list on my IPOD and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. And as I pass on by my normal turn-to-home route the new Cold Play Song.. Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall pours thru my headphones.

Blubbering. No joke. I had this overwhelming emotional swelling up. Running beyond where I've been before. Feeling stronger than I have ever felt. Doing what I never thought I could do. And I swear to God, I was running and crying down Cross Country Rd.

Big Bang. There goes the fear.

Thankfully, I recovered without too much embarrassment. I am a crying running fool. So many things about myself I never knew before.

MapMyRUN - Workout

MapMyRUN Workout(Run / Jog) : Distance 4.27 mi, Duration 44:12, Pace 10:21, Speed 5.8 mi/h- #MapMyRUN: 06/09/2011 - Using Route - 1st 4 Miles


Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

The good thing is crying could be mistaken for sweat! In all seriousness, isn't it such a wonderful thing to have so much power over your life, yet something so simple, so freeing and bring you to tears.....of happiness. I am tempted to buy a plane ticket just to run with you my friend. Run on....

agirlcallededdy said...

Thanks Jenn! I felt like a dummy but I tend to cry in moments of joy. It just sort of got me all vehklempt! LOL

You are welcome in Madison anytime. I was just debating my first 5K on 7/2/11. Wanna come out?!