Monday, June 13, 2011

Comfort Zones

Miracle of all miracles, the scales actually moved this morning. I've been holding steady all week and figured this week was going to be a big NIL in the loss department, but low and behold this morning I was gifted with this gem:

Weight loss this week: 1 lbs
Total loss to date: 89.5 lbs (Why couldn't it just be a straight 90 lbs? I got on and off the scale multiple time this morning willing off that additional .5 lbs, but no luck).
Weight til goal: 10.5 lbs

It was a good week. I did my first 4+ mile run (twice!). Erik and I also borrowed a friend's bike trailer and enjoyed a long and leisurely ride on the WI state trail system on Saturday. Summer is officially here in Wisconsin so even though the weather was only in the upper 60's, we still ventured to the pool on Sunday. You just have to go when it is open, that's what I figure. X loved it and P, well, it will grow on her, I am sure.

I said to Erik last night that I am still adjusting to this body. There can be a lot said on that topic, I am sure. But suffice it to say, I am just sort of marveling at my new body. In the way I marveled at my body when I gave birth. Or marveled at my body when I nursed my babies. It is a wonderous awe that encourages me to keep at it despite the approaching final (is it final or will I keep losing?) goal.

Still contemplating my first road race. Just gathering up some courage to register. I am thinking that a nice little family friend 5K run/walk in one of the local festivals might be the way to go. I've looked that Madison Mini - 5K in August and the Race to the Rhythm (our 4th of July deal), but I am a bit nervous about the crowds of the bigger races. Excuses excuses. For now, I will just keep doing my own thing. Yes, I still have comfort zones.