Monday, June 27, 2011

Active. Alive.

Wax on. Wax off. There is a certain rhythm that my days, my weeks, my months have fallen into. A rhythm that I try to emulate on my IPOD. I try to capture in my emotional variances. A rhythm that would do me well to find in all aspects of my life.

It is a consistent, premeditated, calculated prescription for well being. Prescribed by me to my former self. It is--- be active.

Changing up my lifestyle has changed a lot for me and about me.

For example, aside from the really obvious things like being able to walk into ANY store and fitting into clothing off the rack, I can...

1. Touch my toes
2. Enjoy eating fish
3. Cross my legs
4. Run 4 miles without stopping
5. Swim a 500 freestyle (again)

Ok, so I am having a mental block. I could have sworn there were more things on this list. But the overwhelming surprise in all of this is how much better I feel. Duh. Ok, stick with me here. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. I feel connected to the landscape that I run through. I feel refreshed by the air that goes in and out of my lungs. I feel cleansed of the stress, doubt, worry or self consciousness that I carry within me. I feel strong, confident (dry and secure? - Wait - no that's a deodorant). I finally feel like the Mara that I always remembered and wondered about.

I feel alive.

I've been waffling about whether or not I am going to get to the 100 lbs mark. I've been sitting at 90 lbs for two weeks and thinking - what else can I do? I've come so far, is it really failing if I don't get to 100 lbs?

Hell yes.

I will get to 100lbs. I've been slacking. I've been drinking too much vino. I've had too many bites of gelato, cupcakes, you name it. I've got to find my straight and narrow again. No more sliding off the plan.

It is my plan. I made it. Time to finish it. Be Active. Be Alive.

Weight loss this week: 1.5lbs
Total loss to date: 91.5 lbs
Weight to lose until goal: 8.5 lbs

And just cause I am feeling super proud this morning. Here are my running stats from this week. It was a great week for running here in Central Wisconsin. The weather was cool. Completely refreshing, liberating even.

Total Distance: 11.99 mi
Time: 03:01:07 h:m:s
Avg Speed: 5.9 mph
Avg HR: 157 bpm
Calories: 1,525 C

And now, I am off like a dirty shirt. Gotta get movin!

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Karyn said...

You rock Mara. Thanks for inspiring me (again) at the start of my day :)