Monday, May 30, 2011

Where's my Castle?

In the true fashion of the long weekend I have waited until after 8pm on Monday to blog my weekly weigh in.

Maybe because I wish it was the weigh in that wasn't. But even in the bad weeks I made a pact to myself to stay honest. And honest it is:

Weight loss this week: Nada
Weight gained this week: + 2 lbs
Total to lose til 100 lbs goal: 15 lbs

This long holiday weekend turned out to be a long weekend of too many bites and too many drinks. I pretty much gave up on this week on Thursday night - girls nite - at Gray's Tied House. 2 glasses of wine and 3 beers later I realized I had pretty much just drank myself into at least 500 calories.

But it was so fun.....

Other random thoughts on this Memorial Day.

I have been seriously grumpy this week. I am excited about seeing my husband embracing some goals related to his fitness, but I am struggling with losing some identity that I have found here - here in this goal oriented place - now that it is the two of us and not one. Is that strange? I mean, I want to share this journey with him. But I had created my own way, my own habits. And I had worked those changes into our life as it was with him and girls eating their way. Now all things are changing and we are trying to find a way to satisfy all our new needs. Shaking up the routine has put me on edge this week. I haven't had my normal reserve of patience and it has showed.

The flip side of the shake up is that I am pretty much working out twice a day now. I am doing P90 with Erik in the evenings and still doing my own thing in the morning. I am changing it up with running, swimming, yoga, bike, etc. If I switch up the routines my body has to keep changing, right?

What else is going on? My two little baby girls are becoming proper little girls. It happened in front of our eyes this evening when X - while watching Cinderella asked me:

"Mom, where's my castle?"

----- Hmmm. Good question. Some day Mommy will tell her that she lived in a Castle once upon a time. But not today.

"Where are my gloves?"--- upon admiring Cinderella's post-Fairy-God Mother-ensam...

Me: Handing her dirty socks off the floor which she promptly put on her hands.

Next up. Cinderella and the prince, dancing. X stands. Looks expectantly.

Uh Oh.

"We need a Prince pronto!!!!"

Enter. Daddy. And there was waltzing. I wish I had the video.

And then there is Miss P. Gosh, she is just an adorable mix of cuddles and stubborn right now. She makes these little knowing faces --- knowing about how cute and sly she can be. Tonight she threw a total fit about my requiring her to say "please" for her cookie. It was a 10 minute stand off. Finally, a little "puhwez" snuck out of her lips and the cookie halted its transport from the table to to the kitchen. She's got her mind made up. But wow, that smile. She could melt glaciers.

We are all tuckered out from a long weekend of eating, playing and running in the sprinkler. Now Mommy is looking around the basement wondering - where's my Castle?

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