Monday, May 16, 2011

Beeping Mara

Well Folkals, as you can all see I am running a bit late this morning... cause well, I was out running. I wanted to accomplish SOMETHING this week, and since the scales are doing their usual - not budging - after last week's drop in weight, I was resigned to finding success in other arenas.


This glorious morning. Can you say 60 degrees and sunny? I strapped on all my gadgets ($15 Suunto HRM from Craigslist? Check! Ipod Nano? Check! Nike running visor? Check! Running shoes? Check! Well hydrated? Check!) and headed out the door. I didn't have any particular route in mind for 1 specific reason. I was trying out my new shoes.

A note on shoes. Did you know that when you lose 85lbs you can drop an ENTIRE shoe size? Woah.. that's crazy! I didn't realize it until I got home last night and really looked at these Asics I bought last summer, but they are a sz. 9 1/2. Brent, the nice guy over at Berkeley Running Company, sized me up for some stability shoes yesterday in sz 8 1/2. Go figure!

So, I ran up the road, and around my usual 2 miles loop, and then headed out down East Pass, down Maple Grove, back up around Cross Country, and low and behold... I ran 3.7 miles!! OMG. I can't believe it. I was still hurting a little bit, but nothing like I had been in those mongo huge Asics that I had been wearing. HRM was on the whole time, and embrassingly beeping at me the whole 40 mins. I hit my max heart rate 2 mins up the road and didn't realize I had the alarm setting on. So I beeped the whole way.

HA! There goes Mara beeping along down the road. I knew I was going to have some sort of technical malfunction with all this gadgetry I've got going on now. Ah, well. It could have been a lot worse!

The HRM tells me I bured 387 calories. Sure felt like a lot more than that!!

Ok, so that's cool. I am super duper happy with that run and now back to the weight loss:

Weight loss this week: NONE.
Total loss to date: 85 lbs and holding steady
Weight till next goal: 15 to go baby!

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