Thursday, May 19, 2011

Speed.... oh.

I've done a lot of things in the past year that I never thought I could. The one thing that I felt deep down in my bones that I COULD do was perhaps the thing that I fear the most.

I got back in the pool.

Ok, not that big of a deal really. But, this is coming from a girl who practically breathed in chlorine as a child. I spend most of my youth (age 6+) on swim team. First with the Indiana PA YMCA, and then later with USAA Swimming (Wycoff anyone?), and later on the Varsity SBS team (grades 7-12). The last time I was doing laps was at Benenden when they realized that since I could do flip turns I might be an asset to the school at a meet. I swam one 50 yd freestyle in England and I can't remember doing laps since.

The thing about swimming is: It is just you and your thoughts. There is no one else but you. There isn't even an IPOD to distract you. Its the bubbles, the breathing, the resistance and boy, is it mental.

This morning I shed the 25 years than separated me from my prior self: (See Exhibit A & B below) and met my former self again. It felt really good and I can say with a fair degree of certainty that my cardio fitness level is better than it has been in about 20 years. I pushed myself. I was working hard. I am going to be like jelly now for about a day, and I am going to do it again. Gosh, if I can run 3.7 miles (did it twice this week!), I can swim. I could always swim. At my most basic, I am at home in the water.

Hello youth. It is nice to see you again. Speedo, cap and goggles and Mara.

Ps. That's me in lane 5 talking up the higher seeds in lanes 4 & 3. See my game was always to psyche them out with my pre-race banter. This tactic continues to serve me well. Thus the blog...

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