Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy's got a new van

Last week I bought a new (used) car. I did this when my husband was in Los Angeles on business. That in and of itself would cause marital strife in some households. Not ours. I test drove a lot of vehicles. I drove Hondas, Nissan (man that Juke is so cute!), Toyotas, VWs, etc. I drove sedans, crossovers and minivans.

I bought a Dodge.

Even worse, I bought a Grand Caravan. The mother of all Mother vehicles. It drives like the 16 seat yellow SBS bus I used to drive back and forth to the Smoke Run Farm when I was a camp counsel for Jeans-in-Motion. It is a big box on wheels.

The selling point? Can you say toddler friendly? This van has got the works in toddler entertainment. Dual screens. DVDs. Back up camera. Tons of space. Rapunzel, Elmo, Dora and Angelina have already made exclusive perfomances in our van.

The kicker? I can press a button on the remote fob and wham! The doors and/or the truck open and my girls can climb in on their own. Now folks, that IS luxury.

The van is decidedly rated G. It is not at all sexy.

I have attempted to keep this blog at a good solid PG 13 rating. Last night, I was trying to determine how I might discuss the finer aspects of intimacy with my new body without freaking out my loyal readers and I have come up with this....

Mommy's got a new (used) car. Its got some features and flexibility that the old model just simply didn't have. I've been enjoying putting it thru the paces. It isn't your Mom's minivan. I need not belabor this analogy any further. You get my drift... enough about that.

This week's weigh in (why? oh why did I choose Monday as my weigh in?!)

Weight loss this week: 0 lbs (Easter Bunny visited)
Total loss to date: 83 lbs
Weight til next goal: 17 lbs

I may not have lost any weight this week, but I've run. I feel good about that. I've been doing a circle from my house that is about 1.7 miles and has a good variety of elevation. Man, does it hurt. But I get an amazing sense of accomplishment when I am done. It feels good to push this body in ways that I never have before. And I got some great new advice this past week. Run Happy. I like that.

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