Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Overweight.

It probably didn't take a rocket scientist to see the frustration seeping thru yesterday's blog post. I was frustrated. And I wasn't kidding that I was stuffed - my body was in post weekend hang over mode.

But, I ran. Another shock. Wow. Am I sore. I really pushed myself. I didn't just jog. I ran a moderate speed and then sprinted, uphill, in the last street, back up to my house. My hips, legs, thighs, back are so sore. OUCH.

Today I did yoga. Stretch stretch and more stretch.

I feel better. My body does to. I am back in the swing and feeling more encouraged than ever. My weight is back down this morning and I am feeling the momentum towards my ultimate goal.

I've also achieved a big LANDMARK this morning. I never actually stated this as a goal per se, but certainly it is a nice achievement.

When I started this journey last August, my BMI was 43. No question, I was obese, morbidly obese. Deadly.

This morning, my BMI is 29. I am no longer clinically obese. I am just, overweight, like the majority of the rest of Americans. I am enjoying my new mediocrity. Gotta tell ya, it feels good to be average again. No longer deadly.

I am feeling good about just being overweight.


Elle said...

You are doing so well! Your picture is lovely.

Way to go!

Margs @ Faster Bunny said...

Love your blog - you are so inspirational!!