Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's my party!!

Gosh, life is busy and thought provoking these days. Unlike my toddlers, I wish I could take a time out. Just to stand in the corner and face the wall for, oh, a minute for every year of my life, so today that would be 33 minutes. (On Thursday, it would increase to 34.)

Back to the treatise topic I started a couple weeks back. On Relationships.

Have you ever noticed the human propensity for blaming each other for our own failings? Something along the lines of, "dear________ (fill in the blank), I've been analyzing my life, and here's a list of all the things you do that really cause me problems." It certainly is a lot easier to think about what external forces are causing you issues rather than acknowleding that:

1. You will never be able to change what happens to you.
2. The only thing you can control is your response to it.
3. Real change in how you respond takes real work. Real hard work.

Maybe it is a cultural thing. Looking for an answer. Looking for a excuse. Looking for someone else to blame. Maybe it isn't cultural but rather generational. Are we too quick to run to someone to save us, be it the doctor, the therapist or the government vs. looking at ourselves, our God, and our own bootstraps to pull ourselves up? I don't know... it's crazy Mara talk... learning from mistakes and doing better the next time around.

Ok, soapbox. How are ya?

It is so much easier said than done. I know. See my weigh in....

Weight lost this week: NONE (bleh)
Total loss to date: 80 lbs
Lbs to lose til next goal: 20lbs

There are a lot of excuses. There are a lot of reasons. There were external forces. But at the end, it was me who raised the fork, but the bite in and chewed it down. Was it the result of emotions? Yes. Was it for celebration? You bet. Do I regret it? Sort of. Who is to blame? Ummm. That would be me.

In hopes of spuring my motivation, I took my body measurements this weekend. It has been about a month since my last measurements and I will try to take them more consistently on a monthly basis on here on out:

Waist: -1 inch (4 total since Jan)
Hips: -1 inch (5 total)
Chest: -1 inch (4 total)
Thigh: -.5 inch (1.5 inch)
Calf: +.5 inch (gain .5 inch)
Bicep: +.5 inch (gain .5 inch)

So, it's my party, and I will cry if I want to. And if I decide to cry, I have no one to blame but for ruining the party but myself. Makes crying less exciting, doesn't it?

Edit to add: Here's an accomplishment. In the last 28 workouts I have burned a total of 8650 calories. Woah.

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Lori said...

Sound a little like some of our talks, eh? Loved our time together, love YOU!!!