Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Full Disclosure Update

Some of my most loyal readers will recall my Full Disclosure post wherein I discuss the nasty dark secret I had been concealing - that is - hair growth in unfeminine like places (my chinny chin chin!) and my full out ambush that included the pricey but promising treatment called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light for those of you that are novices in the skin laser world, like I was...)

Since October 2010, I have been going up to the Skin clinic every month or so and getting zapped. I got a deal where I paid up front for a round of 6 treatments for my area of concern (lip, chin, neck). The first couple of times it was seriously painful but I have either gotten used to it or it has gotten easier as the worst of my hairy offenders were offed. (Off with their heads! Sorry been watching The Tudors on Netflix... )

Would I call this investment (and trust me, it was) a success? Sort of. The worst of the worst are gone from my face. But you know, I still pluck. I am just plucking different hairs now. I am not sure if this stems from the fact that I am still producing hairs or I am just overly aware of the hair. Probably the latter. Nonetheless, if you are an obsessive plucker like me, IPL isn't going to cure you of the addiction.

The conclusion: If you are going to spend MONEY on your skin, and I mean real money, go with the Retin A and some other high end specific target problem products. IPL is good - and maybe great for someone with darker skin, but for me, it was just ok. Not sure I would do it again.

Other random Mara thoughts of the day:

Current Product Obsession: Clinique Moisture Surge. Mom picked this up for me on my birthday and it is glorious. Reminiscent of the Lancome Aqua Fusion that was discontinued some time last year. Go to Clinique, try it out, it is nice stuff.

Next Step in Mara Maintenance: As I have worked thru the myriad of issues related to my body, my health and my psyche, I have left my nails for last. Pick, pick, pick. My nails are a mess. I am finally going to add them to the list of things to improve. Starting Sally Hanson Miracle Cure this week and hoping for a miracle.

Effort to become a more engaging person in society: I have decided to add the expression, "Eh, voila!" to my vernacular. I think this will do wonders for my outlook on life and desire to be French, ok, no, how about just more continental? Although, I suppose Madison is continental, if you are considering the continental US, you can't get much more continental than cow country...

And one last random thought of the day. I've started using Map My Run as part of motivation for taking up running. I am such a novice but to date I've run outside in public (best said in Ron White style - Drunk in Public) 4 times. I can now run 2 miles without too much pain. So, runner friends, is it better to run faster for shorter periods or longer at a slower rate?


Kate said...

First off - awesome blog. Running. In. Pub-Lick. :)

Second, as for running: train first for endurance, then for speed. Go as far as you can doing 15 min miles, then worry about cutting your speed down. Endurance is what burns fat and where you'll see results. Speed is where you'll get aerobic expansion and challenge your heart.
If you haven't already, go to a GOOD specialty running store (Mad-town has a number of them) and get your gait analyzed and get fitted for a good pair of running shoes. (Yes, splurge on the $100 pair. It's worth it.) Once you know what you need (motion control, stability, if you over-or under-pronate) you can look online for running shoes that might be cheaper. This is SO essential to running because you will avoid foot, back, knee and hip problems.
When I started running I did this and I never ONCE had sore feet - not even after a triathlon.

Good luck and keep it up!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

For running, I would say just build up your endurance for now, don't worry about the speed just yet!
I LOVE your addition of 2 French words to make you more continental. So simple, haha!