Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Full Disclosure Update

Some of my most loyal readers will recall my Full Disclosure post wherein I discuss the nasty dark secret I had been concealing - that is - hair growth in unfeminine like places (my chinny chin chin!) and my full out ambush that included the pricey but promising treatment called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light for those of you that are novices in the skin laser world, like I was...)

Since October 2010, I have been going up to the Skin clinic every month or so and getting zapped. I got a deal where I paid up front for a round of 6 treatments for my area of concern (lip, chin, neck). The first couple of times it was seriously painful but I have either gotten used to it or it has gotten easier as the worst of my hairy offenders were offed. (Off with their heads! Sorry been watching The Tudors on Netflix... )

Would I call this investment (and trust me, it was) a success? Sort of. The worst of the worst are gone from my face. But you know, I still pluck. I am just plucking different hairs now. I am not sure if this stems from the fact that I am still producing hairs or I am just overly aware of the hair. Probably the latter. Nonetheless, if you are an obsessive plucker like me, IPL isn't going to cure you of the addiction.

The conclusion: If you are going to spend MONEY on your skin, and I mean real money, go with the Retin A and some other high end specific target problem products. IPL is good - and maybe great for someone with darker skin, but for me, it was just ok. Not sure I would do it again.

Other random Mara thoughts of the day:

Current Product Obsession: Clinique Moisture Surge. Mom picked this up for me on my birthday and it is glorious. Reminiscent of the Lancome Aqua Fusion that was discontinued some time last year. Go to Clinique, try it out, it is nice stuff.

Next Step in Mara Maintenance: As I have worked thru the myriad of issues related to my body, my health and my psyche, I have left my nails for last. Pick, pick, pick. My nails are a mess. I am finally going to add them to the list of things to improve. Starting Sally Hanson Miracle Cure this week and hoping for a miracle.

Effort to become a more engaging person in society: I have decided to add the expression, "Eh, voila!" to my vernacular. I think this will do wonders for my outlook on life and desire to be French, ok, no, how about just more continental? Although, I suppose Madison is continental, if you are considering the continental US, you can't get much more continental than cow country...

And one last random thought of the day. I've started using Map My Run as part of motivation for taking up running. I am such a novice but to date I've run outside in public (best said in Ron White style - Drunk in Public) 4 times. I can now run 2 miles without too much pain. So, runner friends, is it better to run faster for shorter periods or longer at a slower rate?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy's got a new van

Last week I bought a new (used) car. I did this when my husband was in Los Angeles on business. That in and of itself would cause marital strife in some households. Not ours. I test drove a lot of vehicles. I drove Hondas, Nissan (man that Juke is so cute!), Toyotas, VWs, etc. I drove sedans, crossovers and minivans.

I bought a Dodge.

Even worse, I bought a Grand Caravan. The mother of all Mother vehicles. It drives like the 16 seat yellow SBS bus I used to drive back and forth to the Smoke Run Farm when I was a camp counsel for Jeans-in-Motion. It is a big box on wheels.

The selling point? Can you say toddler friendly? This van has got the works in toddler entertainment. Dual screens. DVDs. Back up camera. Tons of space. Rapunzel, Elmo, Dora and Angelina have already made exclusive perfomances in our van.

The kicker? I can press a button on the remote fob and wham! The doors and/or the truck open and my girls can climb in on their own. Now folks, that IS luxury.

The van is decidedly rated G. It is not at all sexy.

I have attempted to keep this blog at a good solid PG 13 rating. Last night, I was trying to determine how I might discuss the finer aspects of intimacy with my new body without freaking out my loyal readers and I have come up with this....

Mommy's got a new (used) car. Its got some features and flexibility that the old model just simply didn't have. I've been enjoying putting it thru the paces. It isn't your Mom's minivan. I need not belabor this analogy any further. You get my drift... enough about that.

This week's weigh in (why? oh why did I choose Monday as my weigh in?!)

Weight loss this week: 0 lbs (Easter Bunny visited)
Total loss to date: 83 lbs
Weight til next goal: 17 lbs

I may not have lost any weight this week, but I've run. I feel good about that. I've been doing a circle from my house that is about 1.7 miles and has a good variety of elevation. Man, does it hurt. But I get an amazing sense of accomplishment when I am done. It feels good to push this body in ways that I never have before. And I got some great new advice this past week. Run Happy. I like that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Runners Road

Head on over to A Runners Road for an awesome give-away and a nice plug for my blog!

Thanks Jennifer! Way to keep running for a good cause!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Trolls and other fun things

This week has been an anathema to my otherwise stellar diet and exercise routine, or should I say, regime? After running last Monday, that is - running outside, in public, for all to see, and suffering burning lungs, legs, hips and ego, my sinuses staged a full out coup against my otherwise healthy body. The dripping nose, stuffy head, can't-decide-if-its-allergies-or-a-virus set in. Clartin D all day. Nyquil at night. Lethargy all around.

And I watched the scale. Drop. Drop. Dropping. How low can we go?

After a Tuesday morning epidode in the kitchen (faint or puke?), and slumping to the floor, I made an appointment with a doctor. Not my doctor cause, well, other than the growing list of specialists I see, I had only a physical on the horizon (had to schedule 18 MONTHS out!). Upon calling, I learned that "my GP" was no longer with the clinic and I had to reschedule that blasted physical anyhow...

By Friday, 5 days without exercise and 7 lbs down since Monday, I sat down with Dr. Huang. A hypoglyemic episode brought on my decongestants, sinus pressure, a purging system (dehydrated?) and likely diet. Try not to restrict calories intake so drastically and try a different decongestant.

So, I stopped taking decongestant all together and ate a patty melt. The first honest-to-God hamburger, not turkey, bison or Boca burger, that I've had in like, oh, 9 months. The Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb happily obliged my (new) doctors orders.

Post patty melt on the scales this morning:

Weight loss this week: 5 lbs
Total loss to date: 83 lbs
17 lbs to go.

And in the wise words of Dora The Explorer - "we've all got something that makes us happy and the grumpy old troll does too."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Overweight.

It probably didn't take a rocket scientist to see the frustration seeping thru yesterday's blog post. I was frustrated. And I wasn't kidding that I was stuffed - my body was in post weekend hang over mode.

But, I ran. Another shock. Wow. Am I sore. I really pushed myself. I didn't just jog. I ran a moderate speed and then sprinted, uphill, in the last street, back up to my house. My hips, legs, thighs, back are so sore. OUCH.

Today I did yoga. Stretch stretch and more stretch.

I feel better. My body does to. I am back in the swing and feeling more encouraged than ever. My weight is back down this morning and I am feeling the momentum towards my ultimate goal.

I've also achieved a big LANDMARK this morning. I never actually stated this as a goal per se, but certainly it is a nice achievement.

When I started this journey last August, my BMI was 43. No question, I was obese, morbidly obese. Deadly.

This morning, my BMI is 29. I am no longer clinically obese. I am just, overweight, like the majority of the rest of Americans. I am enjoying my new mediocrity. Gotta tell ya, it feels good to be average again. No longer deadly.

I am feeling good about just being overweight.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Mere Mesa

I think there is a brick, or something similar, in my stomach. Ugh. I am sitting here, in my capri exercise pants, tank top, sports bra, running shoes, and just the idea of moving makes me want to hurl.

I'm stuffed.

If I was really nice to myself, I would have just given myself a buy this week. Skipped the scale entirely. After all, it was my birthday. I avoided a cake, but that doesn't mean I didn't celebrate. Celebrate TOO much. A little of this, a taste of that, a drink of that, and I am feeling like a beached whale. Don't get me wrong, it was YUMMY. Lobster anyone? But my body is definitely not happy about it. Not happy.

Weight loss this week: +2 lbs (bleh bleh double bleh)
Total loss to date: 78lbs
Weight till next goal: 22lbs

I think I can officially declare myself - PLATEAU anyone? Anyone?

I've really struggled with my appetite in the past 2 weeks. I've indulged in one too many glasses of wine and snacks. The exercise is constant, and I am doing well in that department. I recognize that I am going to have to shake it up to keep the scale moving. I've inquired in the aqua boot camp class at the local gym, and started to think that I am going to have to move out of my basement (goodbye Wii) and into the real world if I want to reach my next goal, 100 lbs lost by 8/31/11.

Let's hope this is merely a mesa. I got up here. Now, I am turning around and going down.

On the positive side, I did reach my goal. Right after New Years, I declared my 3rd goal, 75lbs down by my birthday 4/7/11. Done. Now to eradicate this brick from my stomach and this malaise from my limbs.

Here I go. Heading out into the big blue yonder... see that funny looking girl running down the street. That might just be me.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's my party!!

Gosh, life is busy and thought provoking these days. Unlike my toddlers, I wish I could take a time out. Just to stand in the corner and face the wall for, oh, a minute for every year of my life, so today that would be 33 minutes. (On Thursday, it would increase to 34.)

Back to the treatise topic I started a couple weeks back. On Relationships.

Have you ever noticed the human propensity for blaming each other for our own failings? Something along the lines of, "dear________ (fill in the blank), I've been analyzing my life, and here's a list of all the things you do that really cause me problems." It certainly is a lot easier to think about what external forces are causing you issues rather than acknowleding that:

1. You will never be able to change what happens to you.
2. The only thing you can control is your response to it.
3. Real change in how you respond takes real work. Real hard work.

Maybe it is a cultural thing. Looking for an answer. Looking for a excuse. Looking for someone else to blame. Maybe it isn't cultural but rather generational. Are we too quick to run to someone to save us, be it the doctor, the therapist or the government vs. looking at ourselves, our God, and our own bootstraps to pull ourselves up? I don't know... it's crazy Mara talk... learning from mistakes and doing better the next time around.

Ok, soapbox. How are ya?

It is so much easier said than done. I know. See my weigh in....

Weight lost this week: NONE (bleh)
Total loss to date: 80 lbs
Lbs to lose til next goal: 20lbs

There are a lot of excuses. There are a lot of reasons. There were external forces. But at the end, it was me who raised the fork, but the bite in and chewed it down. Was it the result of emotions? Yes. Was it for celebration? You bet. Do I regret it? Sort of. Who is to blame? Ummm. That would be me.

In hopes of spuring my motivation, I took my body measurements this weekend. It has been about a month since my last measurements and I will try to take them more consistently on a monthly basis on here on out:

Waist: -1 inch (4 total since Jan)
Hips: -1 inch (5 total)
Chest: -1 inch (4 total)
Thigh: -.5 inch (1.5 inch)
Calf: +.5 inch (gain .5 inch)
Bicep: +.5 inch (gain .5 inch)

So, it's my party, and I will cry if I want to. And if I decide to cry, I have no one to blame but for ruining the party but myself. Makes crying less exciting, doesn't it?

Edit to add: Here's an accomplishment. In the last 28 workouts I have burned a total of 8650 calories. Woah.