Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been fielding a lot of questions recently on how I am going about losing the weight. My system has sort of evolved, so I am going to tell you what I am doing now and how I got here.

I am not doing any commercial program. No Weight Watchers. No Jenny Craig. No Nutrisystem. No prepackaged food for me.

I knew how I got here. I knew how to fix it. That wasn't the problem. The problem was actually doing it.

What I am doing:

--- I am counting calories ---
--- I diary everything I eat ---
--- I excercise 5 X per week ---

How does this translate into my every day life?


I use My Food Diary as my online food diary. I am not that strict about the kinds of foods I eat. I am strict about how much I eat. You can eat anything, you just need to know what you put in your mouth.

For example, if you decide to eat a monster cupcake from Gigi's you are either going to have to work out for a LONG period of time, or eat less some other time. You have the choice. But it comes down to this - knowing the consequence, do you really want to eat that cupcake? Thinking thru it that way makes you realize that sometimes the cupcake is not worth it. It is easier (note, not easy, just easier..) to pass it up.

You learn that you can eat a lot more vegetables = bulk = for less calories. You find foods that keep you full until the next meal. Here are my go to daily foods:

Breakfast (Try to keep it until 350 cals)
3/4 c. Kashi cereal
1 c. Special K cereal
100 cal whole wheat english muffin w/ a nut butter (caloric but filling - must measure!)
Fried egg (watch butter) w/ slice toast

Lunch: (Try to keep it under 450 cals)

If I am out and about I will look for:
Subway - Veggie Delight or other 400cal or less sandwich. No cheese. Only red wine vinegar. No other condiments.
Panera - Calorie content is posted on menu
The Noodle Company - Ask for calorie info when ordering
Cosi - Bombay Chicken salad w/ light dressing (watch side of flatbread = cals!)

At home:
I opt for Healthy Choice microwave meals that range between 210 - 350 cals.
I like single servings of Greek yogurt
Or low calorie / Kashi granola bars if I am craving sweet

Dinner (Try to keep it under 700 cals)
Meat - watch the sauces
Vegetable - I go for quick and easy microwave steam variety
starch - watch your portions, this is where the calories live!

We also do chicken with salads, fish tacos, turkey meatloaf, you name it.

Rules I live by:

When in doubt, don't eat it or only taste it.
Skip the starch and have two helpings of veggies.
When in doubt go for the fish or stick with vegetarian.
No fried food.
Avoid starches.
Avoid cheese.
Avoid bread.
Avoid sauces, dressings, butter and oils.

My fall back foods:
Raw Whole Almonds (11 nuts) - These are caloric but super healthy and filling.
Fruit - berries, clementines, bananas, etc.
Veggies / Salads
Greek Yogurt (very filling - high protein)
Light Stick Cheese (50 cals)
Kashi Mocha Almond Bars (YUM!)
Gelato/Sorbet (Satisfies by ice cream cravings - small size = 150 cals or less)
Boca burgers 1/ yellow mustard, pickes on english muffin (Satisfies burger cravings!)


I think it was Matthew McConaughey that said that his excercise regime was to break a sweat every day. I like that. I think it is good advice. I think it doesn't matter what you do, just that you do something. I went a long time without doing anything, so for me, I knew I couldn't be too regimented. I couldn't say I would do it 30, 60, 90 minutes a day. I only said, I would do something. So, I did. And for the first 50 lbs, it worked.

Then I had to re-evaluated and get more organized.

I use the Wii. I did the Wii Fit until I didn't find it challenging anymore. Then for Christmas I got the Golds Gym Dance Workout. I just submitted to the game. On day 1, I put in my info and started with the Personal Trainer. It tells me what to do. I don't pick it. I don't think. I just do it. Almost every day I find the time to spend doing this.

I've worked my way up since January. From 12 mins at the beginner and tutorial levels, to 38 mins at the Advaned levels. Every day it is different and I average about 300 cals burned in 30 mins of excercise.

I credit this workout with the inches that I have lost of my chest, hips and waist. I twist. I punch. I do jumping jacks. I try to do the salsa. It must be hilarious to watch, but I do it without shame albeit in the peace of my own basement.

It works for me.

Now that it is getting nicer out, I am anxious to get outside. I am toying with cutting back on the Wii and starting to run. I ran for 26 minutes on Tuesday. No outside yet, but I know I can do it if I want. I am seeing that I might start mixing it up a bit. I think I am going to have to keep pushing to get the next 25 lbs off this frame.

This is what has worked for me. It may not work for you. The key I think is being able to find those things that keep you going and work in your daily life. I knew I needed to do it on my own and still be able to enjoy going out on the weekends with the kids and occasionally a fancy meal with my hubby. So, I do that. I work for it and enjoy it more now than I did before. I splurge on clothes instead of food. I bought a full length mirror and appreciate what I see in it now. That is all a girl can hope for. Harder yet, is keeping at it.


Anonymous said...

Is that YOU in the picture??? I'm thinking serious hormone imbalance in the self-designed diet scheme... maybe Jenny Craig's worth another look!
We are really proud of you.


Jenn said...

You are an inspiration! I have to say my husband has had such trouble losing weight, not because of WHAT he eats but HOW MUCH he eats. I am hoping that he starts following your journey to become more motivated. Keep up the great work though!!