Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear John

A series of letters...

Dear 270's:

I hardly remember you. Perhaps it was the post baby haze like an ice cream induced coma. The world seemed slower and the stairs steeper when you were in my life. I must admit though, I yearn for 250, so I must go.

Best of luck,


Dear 250's:

I am just on my way thru town this week, I've got so much to do, I can't stay for long. The pounds are falling off my frame and I've hardly gotten started. I've tasted quick success and I'm yearning for more. I have woken up and seen the light. No more abusive relationships for me! I still feel flabby but I can feel the change, it is a coming.

Off like a dirty shirt,


Dear 230's,

Figures you'd show up around Thanksgiving! Turkey, stuffing, and potatoes, how you tempt me. I have learned that even though I may have the occasional discretion that I can still stay true to myself. And that means, I must break up with you. Lets just say, its not you, its me. And, we can't be friends. I have no intention of coming back to you. I've got some new sizes to buy and I am cleaning out my closet.

Gotta run,


Dear 210's,

I have to give you credit. You've been fighting hard to keep me. You tease me with the jumping up and down on the scale. You are here there and everywhere. You tenacity is impressive. You certainly know how to woo a girl. You've given me the freedom of sexy clothing and nights out. You allow me the occasional glass of wine or cocktail. I am happy with the status of our progress physically and we seem in sync in terms of activity. But, I have to be honest, I am dreaming big. I want 170. I mean, I really really want 170. I am jonzing for 170. Call it cheating if you like, but I'm going to get it.

With deepest affection,


Dear 190's,

Wow you are stubborn. You grab on and don't let go. You've charged into my world and taken root. I never thought I could snag a "Onderland", and here I am. I love that you give me energy and joy. That I am starting to see this in all parts of my life, not just my physical or personal. My entire outlook is different in 190. 190 is only 20 away from 170. I know it will be the hardest 20 to go.. and dear 190, I will go, although to date, you may be the hardest to leave. I've gotten accustom to what you challenge me to do. Our daily habits mesh and you suit me. You are sweet and nice and all things a girl would love, but there is just a spark missing... a spark I see down at 170. I have to go there and see... and what is the cliche? If you love someone, set them free.


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