Monday, March 28, 2011

80 Down, 20 to Go!

Huh. I am dumbfounded. At a loss for words. I cannot fathom how I have happened upon the following numbers this week:

Weight loss this week: 3 lbs
Total loss to date: 80 lbs

20 lbs to go!

I traveled to IL on work this week. I will say that I made a good effort to keep on the straight and narrow. I excercised on Monday before I left. I watched what I ate. I checked out menus online before I ate out (Maggiano's! Wow. There are some calories!). I ate sandwiches and fruit and salads.

I kicked my butt on the treatmill. People who can run on the treadmill without breaking a sweat and looking graceful are aliens to me.

So, ok, I can see how that might have worked for me. But arriving home, I celebrated my brother's birthday (carrot cake!), visited with my sister and neice in town at the Brazilian steakhouse (meat!), and otherwise had bites here and there and everywhere (Cheese, crackers, cookies, oh my!)...

I supposed I should stop rationalizing and just accept. Next week, I will (naturally) try SUPER DUPER hard, and no weight will drop off. On some level, this success was born a long time ago with my continued effort day in and day out. I've realized that the weight that I drop this week was due to that old Newtonian law... a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Let's keep that motion going! And for some motivation, a pic of my mini-me's... In my old clothes. Circa 1980. Gotta love a throw back.

80 down and 20 to go. Move over Jennifer Hudson!

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