Monday, March 7, 2011


Straight to the stats:

Weight loss this week: 2.5lbs
Total loss to date: 75lbs

According to My Food Diary I have lost the last 50lbs in 150 days. Roughly that is 1 pound every three days. Wowza.

I am smugly going to say, I earned it this week. I busted my butt. I have worked out harder for the past 9 days straight than I have since I started this gig. The Golds Gym Dance Workout for Wii - personal trainer option - bumped me up to Advanced at the end of February and I feel like it is making all the difference. Left lights, twists, jumping jacks. There is a new appreciation for sweating in this house! And, it feels good.

In fact, on Thurs/Friday last week, I was down 3 - 4 lbs on the week, and making a real go at embracing my new place in Onderland. As per usual, the weekend saw me creep back up, and this week for good reason. Erik & I indulged in some adult time last night. After a comedy at the Sundance Theater, we headed over to Flemings Steakhouse for a late dinner (first no-no). Recounting what I ate seems tacky, but suffice it to say, I have a couple new wines that I am loving, the ahi tuna appetizer was to die for, and I only wish I could cook fish at home like they did as their special. I nibbled. I nibbled on the good stuff. Crusty french bread and chardonnay infused feta spread. Prosecco and lemon ginger custard....

If you are going to splurge, this is how to do it. Better yet, with your husband who you are more in love with daily. I am a lucky girl.

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