Monday, February 28, 2011

Sudafed and Vino

This was a rough week. I was out of commission with a nasty cold from Sunday thru Wednesday. Not only could I not breathe, but excercising was certainly not happening. It was the longest period of time that I didn't excercise in the past 6 months. I felt like a slug. Thursday I resigned to excercising no matter what and over the weekend, I got back on the bandwagon.

What is the saying? Feed a cold? I was so hungry this week and sadly, I did give in. Taking bites of this that and the other (pizza, pancakes, chocolates). I am commited to getting back on the straight and narrow this week:

Weight loss this week: .5 lb
Total loss to date: 72.5 lbs

On Wednesday, I drugged up on Sudafed and drove out to Milwaukee to catch up with with college buddy and sorority sister, Tink. Over a bottle of vino, we recounted life's goings ons. I love it when time melts away and you talk like you never missed a beat. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane. Lets not wait another 10 years to do it again.

Those Sz. 14 jeans? Oh yeah. I got 'em. And other miscellaneous tops from Banana Republic.... oh yeah, can shop there now too! Later Lane Bryant.


SaintTigerlily said...

I demand to someday get some vino Mara time.

Kim said...

I know how you feel. I was supposed to go have and endoscopy today and my sinuses took over. Yuck!