Monday, January 3, 2011


Goodmorning 2011. I'm not a big fan of New Years resolutions. I've done them a couple of years and never had much success. I do think that New Years is a good time for reflection and I have found myself flirting with nastalgia in the past week.

I have also declared my next two weight loss goals as follows:

Total loss of 75 lbs by 4/7/11 (my birthday) and
Total loss of 100 lbs by 8/31/11 (1 year anniversary of the start of this journey).

I think that those are realistic but ambitious goals. I will declare this weigh in my starting point for 2011:

Loss this week: 4 lbs
Total loss to date: 59 lbs
Jean sizes down: 4 (Sz 16 from Sz 24)

It is going to get harder, I know. I've been very lucky that the pounds have continued to sort of fall off my body, despite my general lack of sweating and work. I attribute this to my diet more than anything. I can't say enough about diarying what you eat. It makes you so aware of what passes your lips. It has given me an awareness of nutrition in a new way. I am still on, although, I sort of feel at this point, pretty well educated in what I can and can't eat.

To get down to that 100 lbs lost mark, I know I am going to have to embark on a more ambitious excercise routine. So far, I've done well with the Wii. I am not sure if the gaming will continue to do the job. I've had my eye on an aquatic bootcamp class at a local gym, but I am nervous that I don't have the stamina yet. I am going to see how it goes. If I hit a plateau, I will re-evaluate what I am doing in terms of excercise.

The ultimate goal: to feel great. And I already do. I've got two beautiful toddlers that fight over my lap! I can fit both of them on my lap now... whereas before, I really didn't have a lap for anyone. THAT is what it is all about.


Alli said...

You rock! I am so proud of you, Mara! And you are giving me such inspiration! Of course, we are moving in two weeks, so this last week, and going forward have not been my friend in terms of healthy eating! I am determined though, that once I am in my new house, and my "gym" is all set up, I will be working out right beside you! That Water boot camp sounds awesome!!!! Go for it, girl! I know you could do it! Look at how much you have done that you didn't think you could!

Keri said...

Your doing good keep it up Mara. I got inspired by your blog.I'm trying to set a realistic goal for myself this year to just be healthier. And yes a lot of it has to do with exercise and keeping a diary of what you eat. I have been experimenting in my kitchen with my palette. If i want sweet it's no sugar applesauce, big hunger pangs then whole grain cereal helps out. I admit I was nervous as my sister invited me out to eat at a restaurant today. It was my 1st time out to a restaurant since I've been keeping track of what I ate. But found out I can still enjoy a meal with out temptation. Not only that but found a great healthy recipe for spinach as a side dish without
it being bitter or bathed in cream. keep up the good work.