Monday, December 13, 2010

"You've been missing a lot of work recently..."

"... can't say I've been missing it...."

What keeps you going? Meal after meal? Day after day? Week after week? Month after month?

Weight loss this week: 3.5lbs
Total loss to date: 53.5lbs

Motivation has crossed my mind a lot this week. Beyond the obvious reasons, what is keeping me at this? Part of it is habit now. Part of it is that I am enjoying the success. Another part is wondering what else I could have accomplished in my life if only I had taken the time to try. I've been pretty accepting of mediocrity. I've also been very forgiving, to myself, for my short comings. Should I have expected more?

Along with the satisfaction does come happiness. But thankfully, my happiness isn't new. I've been blessed with many joys over the years and they haven't been lost on me, whatever my size. A very good motivation is the desire to be around to see what other joys might befall me in the future.

Oh, and watch this right hand... I've got my eye on a sparkler!
(Now, that IS motivation....)

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