Monday, December 27, 2010


Monday after Christmas. And I thought the Monday after Thanksgiving was bad. I definately let myself go this weekend. I can forgive myself the yummy savory meals. I can allow for celebratory spirits. But, the overdose on Christmas cookies was a real problem. I have reaffirmed my previous blog comment. It is easier to eat no sugar at all than to eat a "moderate" (does such a thing exist?) amount. I really struggled to stop eating sugar and chocolate after I had indulged. Sugar cookies with icing were a real downfall. Peanutbutter cookies. Buckeyes. Apple Pie. Ferrero Rocher. Ghiardelli. They are my frenemies.

Enough. To the weigh in:

Weight loss this week: + 2 lbs
Total loss to date: 55lbs

(CORRECTION - I just scrolled down my blog. It appears I actually gained 2 lbs this week. ARGH. Even worse!)

Even sadder is that earlier this week I was down 3 lbs. So, I definately ate myself back into several pounds over the weekend. I would feel worse, however, if I hadn't excercised. I got back on the Wii yesterday and chastised myself with a Biggest Loser routine.

Ok, enough self loathing. Must think about the big picture.

My wonderful husband spoiled me with a lovely right hand right as part Christmas and part "you-lost-50-pounds" present. It is lovely. I will say that I had a little part in picking it out, but who cares? It is mine now! I intend to wear the ring every day as a reminder of what I am capable of, and what I am worth. That my goals are real, attainable, and only I can achieve them. That a little bit of icing isn't worth bling.

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