Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've surprised even myself.

Three months ago I wrote on this blog:

Short Term: create new habits, treat my body well, remember what a gift my body is for giving me life, love, and two beautiful babies, incorporate excercise into my life, realistic target size: 18/20

Today, I am declaring short term goal accomplished. In exactly 3 months and 1 day I have reached:

Total Weight Lost: 50 lbs

I am doing all the things that I wrote above. I have created new habits - excercise and diet. I am treating my body better and feeling amazed that not only did this body give birth to two amazing little humans, but also that it has been so forgiving to all the damage I have inflicted upon it. Despite my weight gain, I never suffered some of the issues a lot of heavier folks are prone to. That might have been one of the reasons that I was in such denial about how big I had actually become. Not so much now. I love that I have energy. Energy to jump up and run up the stairs... dance with my children to christmas carols.. walk my parents dog on extra long walks... spend all day shopping...

Speaking of shopping, although I haven't really figured out what size I am - each time I buy new clothes they fit in the store, and then after I wear them at home they are falling off my body... but I am definately down to a size 18, if not smaller. Right now I am sort of in another clothing rut - my last splurge jeans (as posted here) look like clown pants, and I am back in the market for ANOTHER pair of jeans - size unknown. This sounds more encouraging that it actually is. It is mostly due to how and where I've lost weight. It appears that the weight has largely come of my rear end, rather than my tummy... which isn't surprising as the tummy muscles have had the largest trauma of back to back pregnancies. The result is that the pants have to be purchased to accomodate my tummy, but are falling off my backside. I have the constant baggy butt. It is not attractive. Thus, I've really started to focus my excercise energies on my tummy region.

I will also declare my next goal today. I've spoken it around, particularly to my hubby... but let's put it in writing:

Next goal: Another 25lbs down for total 75lb weight loss.

That sounds totally unattainable, but heck, I've lost 50lbs in 3 months, so who knows what I am really capable of.... I suprised even myself.

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