Monday, November 22, 2010

Weight Loss this week: 3 lbs
Total Loss to Date: 47 lbs

Here comes the week I've been dreading. I have been waffling (mmmm waffles) about what we should do for Thanksgiving dinner, if anything. You see, normally, the meal would be hosted at my Mom's and we would prepare a portion of the dishes, and she would do the rest. This year, my retired and predictably golf-addicted parents have become sunbirds and flew the coop. They are on, what I like to refer to as, "Southwest Golfing Tour 2010" and consequently spending turkey day with my sister in Phoenix. That leaves a great big gaping hole in our plans.

To cook or not to cook? That is the question. I made the executive decision to eat out on Thursday. It is entirely non-traditional but it seems like an easy answer to a perplexing problem - that is - how to cook a huge meals with two toddlers under foot? Not to mention clean up? The overwhelming argument was made by the pricing - kids under 5 eat free. That means for the grand price of about $35 Erik & I can go, eat turkey and the fixing, bring the leftovers home, and not pay for the kids. We routinely spend that much for sandwiches at Panera Bread. That means that either this meal is going to be legendarily bad, or Panera Bread is seriously overpriced... I am rooting for the later. Come on Essen Haus!

So I head off to the grocery store yesterday, to stock up on items for the week/ weekend. My plan is that even though we are out for Thursday dinner, that we would still partake in some holiday food. Erik will make Gingerbread waffles. I might do a turkey breast at some point. I am laughing now, cause after the shopping I did, we will definately be eating. Apparently my dieting self does not translate into a healthier grocery bill. I bought all sorts of garbage that I can't eat. I bought stuff to make pies, and breads, cookies, bacon, sausage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasts, hams, turkeys, and on and on. Erik rightly asked" "Who is going to eat all this stuff?" I thought. I'd like to.

If I maintain my current weight this week, I will be happy. If I lose any, I will be thrilled. If I gain, I will chastise myself and work harder next week. Watch this space.

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