Monday, November 29, 2010

The Most Dreaded Weigh In

This morning I catalogued the things that I am proud of in the past week. I am proud of excercising 6 times in the past week. Adding lunges, plank and jackknife excercises have changed up my routine and I am excited about getting my core muscles into better shape. I am proud that I basically followed my previous eating patterns, with a few noteable exceptions.

Weight loss this week: None
Total Weight loss to date: 47lbs

The things I am not so proud of:

Despite being down 1.5lbs earlier this week, I appear to have gained it back over the weekend. I attribute this my consumption of scrumptuous apple pie that lived in my house over the weekend and which I could NOT decline. The pie and the extra helpings of a couple of key side dishes (sweet potatoes, my absolute favorite food), I over indulged. Being in my highly self actualized state, I realized that if I indulged a bit, I set off the sugar monster... and the harder it was to stop. I couldn't eat just a bite of pie, it would have been easier for me to not eat any at all. It was a good learning experience.

I am relieved that the pie is gone. Time to start a new week.

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