Thursday, November 4, 2010

40 in 60

I started this journey on August 31, 2010.
Today it is November 4, 2010.

What is that? 63 days? This morning the scale rewarded me with the lowest number I have seen thus far. The lowest number I have seen since my pre-Xanthe weight loss push.

40 pounds lost.

That is a big number. It is a number that exceeds my own age. It is 10 lbs, 4 times. It is 20 lbs twice. When I wrote my full disclosure post 63 days ago, it was a number I couldn't fathom. I had goals then, but frankly, I had never actually met any goals I had set for myself. So, this is new. And it feels good.

I started to wonder recently how far I could go with this. Could I be the next Jennifer Hudson? Kelly Osborne? Could I keep continue losing 10 lbs at a clip, maybe 3 more times? Maybe 6?

I am not entirely sure where this journey ends or even if it does. I have met many of my short terms goals already. Feel better, have more energy, run around, play with my kids (or dance with my kids which is more likely). I was at the doctor for an infection a couple of weeks back and my blood pressure is back to normal for me - 110/70. I haven't seen it back in that normal range since delivering Porter with preeclampsia.

Although my weight loss euphoria has waned in the past two weeks, I have realized this. When you start something new, when you have a new idea. The initial excitement and enthusiasm is great. It is easy to embrace the possibilities. What is harder is to forge on with your goal once that euphoria has fallen away. To continue, day in and day out, to focus the energy and willpower, to reach the goal.


Eileen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I could say it a hundred times, but nothing will sound better than the way you feel, assuming it was converted into a soundwave of some sort!! love you!! Keep it up!!

Eileen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I could say it a thousand times, but nothing would feel better than the accomplishment itself. Good job, love and keep it up!!