Friday, October 15, 2010

So happy together!


A little Friday joy. And a random thought, why did I decide on Monday weighs ins? I am always my lowest on the scales on Friday morning. The weekend launches on such a fanastically scale induced high, that by Monday, I've celebrated my success by adding 2 lbs back on. I suppose there are worst things for a girl who likes to eat out and avoid her kitchen and subsequent dirty dishes on the weekend.

A big super huge THANK YOU to Leslie Ober, who took some amazing photos of the Lewis family. I think we were sitting still for oh, like, 30 seconds, and she still captured us. You are one talented lady! Thank you for capturing this day in our memory for years to come. If you are in Indy, Leslie Ober is who you want to see for your family photos... heck, she is WORTH traveling for!!!

And in other news... my wonderful husband is back in town, and seemingly more infatuated with me than ever. I am a LUCKY LUCKY girl. Thank you for the Lewis family for reminding him how gorgeous I am during his visit with you. Your checks will be arriving in the mail shortly.
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