Monday, October 25, 2010

Foggy Fog!

Hallelujah it's Monday! ... do you hear the sarcasm? I had very low expectations this week given my general lack of intense excercise (surprise infection on Tuesday morning took me to urgent care and generally threw off my system) and the onset of HUNGER. I don't know why but this week was more difficult than any other so far. I craved cheesey, pepperoni pizza.. mexican... french fries, hamburgers... mac n cheese. I just wanted to eat! Alternatively I ate paper thin crust veggie pizza, tacos minus the cheese and sour cream, half of a portion of kid size fries and burger, and a spoonful of mac n cheese. Let me tell you, it did NOT quell the craving. It did seem to do the trick (or treat?):

Loss this week: 3 lbs
Total loss to date: 35 lbs

I've been anxious on many levels this week. Diet, work, even in my sleep I've had troubling and anxious dreams. I am thinking it is hormonal and seasonal. It is starting to hint at winter around here, with a thick Dora-like Foggy Fog this morning.

It is a nice metaphor for how I am starting to feel about my diet. Just malaise.... I am still at it, and determined, but I can see the long slog that it is going to be. I started this journey on August 31st. I have lost 35lbs so far (got to tell you, wasn't even capable of comprehending that number when I started), but I am dreading the real work ahead. Lets not even mention the hurdles on the calendar, Thanksgiving, Christmas....

Forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm. It is Monday. I am feeling lazy and full of dread for what I SHOULD be getting done this week. On all fronts!


Anonymous said...

Mara - wow! 35lb is AMAZING. I'm about to start my journey to lose about 50lb myself. You've inspired me!

Karyn x

Froggy said...

You're doing an incredible job, Poobs. Thirty-five pounds is a tremendous achievement. Don't fall into the trap of looking so far down the road that the distance seems unsurmountable. When I was 14, I nearly gave myself a panic attack about whether I'd be able to get a good job after grad school! The point is, take things one week, or even one day, at a time. Worrying (or depressing yourself) about all of the things you can't eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas is a pointless exercise that will only increase your stress levels and your apathy towards the entire lifestyle change. Never look further than the end of the week, and stay focused on your accomplishments (drinking two liters of water per day, walking for at least 30 minutes, eating at least five different colors of fruit+veg), as opposed to stressing or depressing about what you didn't manage to do that you wanted to.
Remember: its not a diet, it's a new way of living. Make that mean something.