Monday, October 18, 2010

Check Engine

Business first. Weigh in.

Loss this week: 2 lbs
Total loss to date: 32 lbs

As we hustled the girlies into the Land Rover this morning, I reminded Erik -
"Do you have something for lunch?" That is, did you take something so you don't spend $$ eating out?
"No, I was going to take the Land Rover to have the Check Engine light read."

What? The Check Engine light! That is bad! My mind starts racing, we've only been driving this Dave Ramsey beater since May, and we are going to have to put more $$ into it? I am envisioning weekends of Erik in the garage under the hood. $$ sinking into a vehicle whose life span is unknown. I even start thinking about that VW commercial I saw for the Routan.....

"Red? A red check engine light! Were you going to tell me?"

"I am going to have the light read.... R.E.A.D... it is yellow. Not red."

Oh, well that is a relief. And as I turned toward the coffee pot and poured another cup, I thought - wouldn't it be great if marriages had check engine lights? In fact, there are a whole range of thing that would be a lot easier in life we if we had check engine lights.

Bank accounts
Government spending (ok, I couldn't help myself...)
and on and on...

I've never actually thought to myself - Oh! Check engine on the marriage! But frankly, it isn't such a bad idea. And without consciously recognizing it, we basically did that this weekend.

With our favorite babysitter lined up, we headed down to State Street. We felt footloose and fancy free. I tried to avoid kid-related topics, you know, eating habits, poop, droll, lack of sleep. We talked about careers, and memories, and our first date, and things we know now that we didn't know before. We enjoyed a cocktail, and some italian yummy-calorie-laden food, and held hands and wandered into the Comedy Club not knowing if there were seats for us. There were. We laughed and laughed - and I asked Erik, "do you think people think we are married to each other or married to other people and on a rendevous?"

"Probably married to each other since we aren't in a seedy bar somewhere..."


Despite my headache (yes folks, I would qualify this as a proper hangover) Sunday morning, I was so thankful that we did a check engine on our marriage this weekend. You know, some day, our kids will grow up and move out (YAY!), and it will just be Erik & I again. Check Engine. I actually can't wait for us to be old somewhere (with palm trees please), alone, together and with lots of lovely memories shared between us.

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