Saturday, October 23, 2010

Adios Lane Bryant aka shopping

It seems like a little thing. Going to the store. The mall. Target.
Looking at clothes. Trying clothes on. Deciding what looks good. What doesn't.

When you are, umm.... what is the politically correct term? Plus sized? fluffy? or lets just say it like it is - a BIG girl, shopping isn't so easy. There are a couple of options. The sort of middle of the road, over priced, and often times too boldly printed, Lane Bryant. Most American malls have one. There is the short selection at Target in the "Womens" dept. There are the higher end brands, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, at Macy's. Then there are the retailers that have extended sizes, but forget trying them on. Online only at Old Navy, J. Jill, Land's End, LL Bean....

In an effort to stay sane in my out of shape state, I have tried them all. And then, when you get really frustrated, you buy things just because you can fit into them. You are totally mortified that you've reached the point where finding things that make you look good is really no longer an option.

Yesterday, despite not wanting to buy anything, my jeans situation was getting desperate. The size that I had been wearing was just not staying on my body anymore, so it was time to bite the bullet and buy some new, even just cheap ones. My goal is to lose more weight.

Mom & I headed up to the Tanger Outlets, cause well, why not? I started at Lane Bryant, as I usually do, and lamented their cut and rinse and yheir $69 price tag. So, leaving that pair on hold, I thought I might have one other option, Old Navy. Then we fell into The Gap. Just for fun, I checked their jeans... huh, well, I could try some of these on... who knew they carried my new, lower, size?! 6 pairs deep in the dressing room, and the consensus - these jeans are too big!

I visited stores that I haven't seriously shopped in for years... trying on so many jeans, that by the end, I think I burned more calories than I do in a normal 30 minute work out! I finally decided on a cheap pair from Old Navy, thinking that soon, I will be in the jean market again. It is a good thing I did, cause having worn the new Old Navy jeans for a total of, oh, like 6 hours - I already wish I had bought a size smaller.

Are skinny jeans the modern day glass slipper? Did I mention that we hit the Disney Store... starting Christmas shopping early this year. I've got Cinderella on my mind.

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