Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 2

Official weigh in for Week 2:

Lost: 2.5 lbs
Total Loss to date: 15 lbs

I worked out every day on Wii Fit this week and it feels good. My energy level is up and I am starting to feel my body change. I am sad to see how quickly my weight loss has slowed, but convinced I will meet my goal by Thanksgiving - to be down another 10lbs for a total loss of 25 lbs.

Most surprisingly, I am not that hungry. Occassionally around 4pm and 9pm, the stomach yells at me, but I just drink some water and get over it.

I should have done this years ago....

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Cindy said...

2.5 lbs is awesome! I know on WW, they tell you to expect 0.5-2.0 lbs/week after the initial big loss in the first week or so. And that is true for people of all body sizes. Keep up the good work!