Monday, September 27, 2010

So close and yet so far...

Day 29

Loss: 4 lbs
Total loss to date: 24 lbs

Lessons from the week...

I am confident navigating dangerous menus. I have successfully eaten at Biaggis, Olive Garden, the food court, Panera Bread, Noodle Company. As an aside, every restaurant should post their nutritional information online (this message is for you Quaker Steak & Lube!)

Being thinner does not necessarily mean you are happier. Happiness comes from some other place entirely.

My clothes are starting to feel very baggy. Even my "skinnier" jeans. I donated the entire portion of my "smaller" wardrobe last year, so these jeans will have to do. Besides, I really want to wait until I am MUCHO thinner to go on a shopping spree.

And in other news, my maid failed to show up again this week. Me thinks I have to fire her. Oh, wait. We don't have a maid, oh sorrow...


Anonymous said...

I love this photo of you and your kids! Did you know that you can ask at almost any chain-restaurant for their nutritional menu? Andy does it everywhere because of the high sodium content of restaurant food. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!

agirlcallededdy said...

Thanks Lily! I have asked for info at the restaurants - if I know where I am going, I like to check it out online and plan ahead - thus avoiding looking at the menu at all! : )