Monday, September 6, 2010

1 week down!

This morning was my official weigh in. I've been cheating all week, seeing the lbs come off the scale has been a major motivation.

I've lost 12.5 lbs this week.

Ok, I know that is crazy. But for all you skinny people out there going - that couldn't be healthy - just remember, when you start out with such a high number, it is easier to lose such a high number. I figure that 12 lbs is like a normal person losing 5lbs. That puts it into perspective.

Either way, it is a great start. I kept my promise. I wrote every thing down. I counted calories. I even ate out (when in doubt - eat vegetarian!). I excercised. My poor neighbors saw me run down the street.... will they recover?

Thanks to Kyle, Mom & Dad for setting me up with Wii Fit Plus, so I don't have to run in circles in my basement anymore! I know it is going to get harder, the real test of my will power is coming.

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