Saturday, July 24, 2010

On a Birthday...

I was sitting in northern California this week explaining my children to a long time, albeit, remote from every day life, friend.

"Xanthe," I said, "loves her green jelly shoes from Baby Gap. She's going to have a shoe fetish, Erik & I are sure of it."

"You know," my old friend added, "you should write things like that down, in letters or something, and give it to her when she's eighteen."

So, lazy me. I will blog it.

It is the eve of Porter's first birthday. Porter is cutting her 4 front top teeth. She's miserable, grumpy, eating a lot, sleeping even more. She hates to eat unless she is wielding the spoon herself. She's pushing the play stroller/walker, and scavenging cheerio cast offs from Xanthe's snack cup. Resourceful, cheerful and cuddly. That is our Porter Caroline. 1 year old today.

Xanthe is having a fitful night sleep. I've already gone into her room twice. She's told me that she wants her "bunny" and she doesn't. She's said she needs to use the "potty", and I've changed a perfectly dry Pampers diaper. Potty training is eluding us. She's great when she gets on the potty - uses it well! Dora stickers reward. Stars too. She falls down on the communicating the need to use the Potty. She also has little desire to dress/undress herself. "Mommy do it. Mommy help." Either she's lazy or just not interested. I mean heck, if someone was cleaning my bottom, dressing me on a changing table, lathering me with lotion, and generally making me look cute with none of my own effort - why change a good thing?

And what I told my old friend is true - Xanthe absolutely loves her "green shoes". She searches the house for them. Plops down on her cute little flat behind and analyzes them like a puzzle. At least 75% of the time, she gets them on the correct feet, and she's mastered their little ankle strap velcro. She's a pro.

Manolo Blahnik watch out. I would put money on green jelly shoes being popular again in about, oh, 25 years or so.