Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

Twas the night before voting and all through the house...
Not a brain cell was stiring not even an ounce.
The baby was snug in bed with her spikey hair
In hopes that the results might turn out fair.

When what should my wondering eye should appear?
A political forward with rationale so clear..
That despite my desire to author a serious and original ditty
the fact this is ending helps make me feel giddy.

Taxes, welfare, diversity and gaffes
Even discussion of whose going to be on the staff
Socialism is the definition of radical left wing
and its promise is shining as bright as Beyonce's bling.

McCain was a POW in a prison camp for a time
Longer than Obama was working for the DC dime.
2 years in the Senate and 2 years on the trail
Versus a life long commitment to not letting America fail.

The Dow Jones and NASDAQ plummeted taking our accounts down
the credit markets froze and Barney Frank looked like a clown.
The bailout package was a bomb that hit like 9/11
that kept Americans up at night, nervous 24/7.

Obama happened upon Joe the Plumber one day
And answered a question in an unscripted way
Spreading the wealth is the heart of the matter
And his true nature is clear, he really is a mad hatter.

So, my message is to those mavericks who have yet to decide
Its time to line up, left or right, side by side
Its our civic duty to cast our lot
And make sure our country doesn't go to pot.

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