Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Finish

There is so much to blog about these days I hardly know where to start. Have you heard? There is a big election coming up. The stock market is down. AIG is spending thousands on shooting parties in England. The US military is catching terrorists in Iraq. Gas is $2.58 a gallon. GM & Chrysler are talking merger. Merril Lynch reports a $5B loss this quarter. Barack Obama is the teflon candidate. John McCain is in love with a plumber. Need I say more?

It all comes down to this. I was truly excited about the Republican ticket with the announcement of Palin as Veep. I went to the rally. I was feeling good. I might actually have a vote for a ticket that is more to me than the lesser of two evils. Then the economy tanked. And McCain tanked. My morale hit a low. Oh, no. Here we go. McCain is going to blow it. And the debates. Lots of good hits, but no knockout. We should be respectful, but wait, Obama "pals around with terrorists". We should fight... but well, not that much.

I was feeling, well, defeated. Then Bill Kristol comes out and says its over. No way McCain can win. He needs to get angry. He needs to talk straight about the economy.

But, I have some hope. There is something holy about the American citizen entering the polling station. Something about checking that box, pulling that lever or hitting that screen... something that no media outlet can predict. Last night as I watched Fox News talk to their focus group about the Debate at Hofstra it was said very clearly. Obama may be eloquent. He may win debate after debate, but that doesn't necessarily equate in winning votes. Obama has just enough time to be over confident and lose this election. There are a lot of us out there that are charmed by his charisma.

When you enter the booth to vote- do you vote for charm or do you vote on trust? The media hasn't quite captured the pervasive wonder in the US - can Obama be trusted? That is the exact reason why Bill Ayers, Rezko, Rev. Wright, and ACORN matter. There are just enough question marks about Obama to sow the seeds of doubt about where he might ultimately take this nation. The fact is that the US is broke. Obama has no solution that doesn't include spending money. Unless the American public is ready to sign on to class warfare and the welfare state (and maybe we are), McCain has a chance still.

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