Friday, October 3, 2008

The Debates

Here she goes again....

McCain v. Obama

Obama is so polished it kills me. He really is impressive. He speaks like a east coast elite and it is like music to my ears. He is learned and polite and then my eyes glaze over........

Mccain isn't going to win any points for grace. He does not have the command of the audience, the stage or the podium like Obama.

But, I still can't get past the fact that Obama has done so little in his political career. McCain has been a civil servant for decades. He has fought for the country both on the battlefield and in the Senate. Despite his inability to adequately address the financial crisis (a big failing by the campaign in my opinion), his is still the agenda to deal with the problems facing the country. Not only will Obama's tax cuts slow the economy further, his entire agenda will have to be tossed out the window because, lets be honest, there is no money. So for all those who are voting for him because of universal healthcare, larger and wealthier social programs, or the $3Billion he promised for the Great Lakes, it aint gonna happen. I don't understand the logic that Obama gains in the polls when the economy tanks. Big government does fix a failing economy. Putting money back in the system does.

And that brings me to the VP debate:

Biden v. Palin

The two points that lead me to believe that Palin won the debate:
1. We need to return to an era of "personal responsibility". Americans are mad as hell at what is going on in the country, Wall Street, Congress... the list goes on. Everyone wants to play the blame game. Who warned it was happening... who tried to do something about it... who cares? Its done now. Lets hold these fat cats responsible and reform DC. I am in.
2. Giving $$$ back. We need to hear more about the windfall tax Palin put on the gas companies in Alaska and how she gave that money back to her constituents. Lets not add to the national debt by passing economic stimulus packages, lets give the money back to the taxpayers by way of windfall profit taxes and tax cuts.

Biden is a statesman but the comparison was clear. An old dude from Congress who has had his chance to change the country and hasn't done it vs. the young gal from Alaska who has the energy and no allegiances to special interests to prevent her from getting something done. I am okay w/ her experience level at the VP level, not at the top of the ticket. And lets face it, she still has more experience than Obama does.

My advice:

The "Straight Talk Express" needs to get out there and talk straight. McCain fumbled in his handling of the bail out plan. Make is straight and simple for the American public - be real - tell us what we can and can't do. We can STILL reform government. It doesn't take money to do that. It take balls. McCain's message got fuzzy the last couple of weeks. Time to get back to basics.

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