Sunday, September 7, 2008

Xanthe's First Swim Lesson





As most of you know, a large majority of my childhood was spent in a pool. So, taking Xanthe in for her first swim lesson was a full circle moment for me. Erik did the honors of being in the pool with her, so I had the joy of watching her experience the water. On first entry, she splashed and bounced. She showed interest when her classmate arrived and joined her in the pool with his Dad. There was lots of singing and splashing. She was happy until about half way through, when it became apparent that normally, 10:15am is naptime! After her first experience with "humpty dumpty", and being dunked under water, she was surprised. When Erik placed her back on the wall again, her eyes went wide, and she screamed as if to say, "Oh, no! Not again!" I laughed during the rest of the lesson, as they did the Hokey Pokey, every time she went in a circle, she zeroed in on me sitting on deck, and gave me eyes that said, "Mom, help me!"
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