Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things that baffle me..

Several things that happened today, well, they baffle me....

Why did the UN allow Iranian President Ahmadinejad to address the assembly? Even worse, he is better treated on Larry King Live than our own presidential nominee John McCain is treated while being interviewed by Meredith Veira on The Today Show. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with our country when an actual terrorist is better treated than a man who has fought for and served this country his entire life.

I want someone to write an article that actually describes, in acute plain simple detail, what WILL happen on Monday morning when the stock market opens and the Congress hasn't passed the 700 billion dollar bail out? I want to know, much like I wanted to know exactly what would happen to us when we hit $4 gas (thank you Newsweek for answering my question). Yes, I know the world will end. No credit. No lending. Economy comes to a loud grinding halt. But the sadist in me wants to know what all of that will really feel like to little ole me sitting in Shakopee MN. POSTSCRIPT: Thank you George Bush for answering this question.

The Democrats want to add a bailout to the taxpayers by way of an addition to the 700 billion dollar deal of some larger amount for homeowners who are struggling paying their mortgages. Ok. Lets stop the madness. I am taxpayer, who now is not only bailing out Wall Street, but bailing out myself?! I am not in the business of giving the US government money so that they can repackage it and give it back to me and my neighbors. How about - I will just keep my money?!

Someone needs to tell the lunching ladies at the Minnetonka General Store that the sky is falling. Clearly these ladies have not been watching the news. They were not panicing about the impending end of the financial world and seemed quite happy to digest their popovers and honey butter, chicken salad sandwiches and cheddar beer soup before shopping for non-essential items as Yankee Candles and Vera Bradley purses through the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, call me silly, old-fashioned, or even ill-informed.... but I find it a whole lot easier on my stress levels, to sit and chat while nibbling on those scones - and sniffing Yankee Candles! Having preteens may not exclude me from what financial woes the whole nation faces, but it certainly does allow me the right to take a moment and enjoy my friends, my scone, and my sweet, soft, white faced-puppy!!!
PS Where can I get cheddar-beer soup?????