Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Phelps schmelps...

I am having a moment. We just enrolled Xanthe in her first swim class, "TOTS I" at Foss Swim School. Anyone who knows me knows that I spent a large majority of my childhood in a pool.

Just walking into the lobby, the smell of chlorine took me back. Years of speedos, caps, goggles, sweats, flippers, pull boys, kick boards... sets of 50s, 100s, wall work, flip turn clinics, 500 warm downs. And in my specific case, numerous coaches all running along side of me yelling, "KICK!"

I hated kicking. That took energy.

Maybe its the Olympics. Maybe its my natural Mom instinct of wanting Xanthe to do better than I did. I couldn't help myself... I had to ask the nice lady who enrolled at us at the desk. "So do you have a US Swimming team here?"

The moment the question formed in my brain, and then slipped out of my lips, I shocked myself. Am I going to be THAT mom?

Ok, so, I took a deep breath. Its only TOT I. There are at least 4 more "TOT" classes and then things get serious with the "LITTLES". I have plenty of time to chill out between then and now. Phew.

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Kim said...

Aaron is loving the olympic swimming. He just sits and watches. I think I may have a swimmer on my hands. He is supposed to get to an adult height of 6'6", so he'll be a torpedo.

BTW check out the blog I started